About Us

Unity Counselling Service was created in order to provide Counselling for those who may require an opportunity to explore a current concern or issue in a safe, non judgmental and empathic environment. You may be at a juncture or crossroads in your life and feeling that something seems to be hindering you from living your life fully.

This could be relative to work, social or familial/relationship stressors, or you may just not feel ‘yourself’.

In time, some of the distress felt if not acknowledged could manifest in many forms, including Anger, leading to Depression, Anxiety, Drug or Alcohol Abuse, Phobias, or self harming to name a few and when not addressed could have a debilitating effect on the overall quality of your living experience.

Sometimes the emotional dis-ease may be the result of a past or childhood experiences and it is in the present that the impact may be felt, for example with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

At UCS we have experience in dealing with the above symptomatic issues as well as Eating Disorders, Sexual, Emotional, Physical Abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder but this is not an exhaustive listing. Furthermore, it is generally with the facilitation of a supportive non judgemental counselling relationship that change can more easily occur, whatever the concern.

With UCS, a completely confidential (subject to our Terms and Conditions) agency, you can be assured of a highly specialised and professional service with our Counsellors who consistently update their skills via Continued Professional Development.

At times and depending on your needs, short or longer term counselling may be necessary. This can be agreed with a Counsellor who will be matched to you based on your circumstances accordingly. At other times you may just need to have a one off session or communication and this will be available to you in the method you choose.

What we can offer

A session that suits your individual requirements, this may be a daytime, evening or weekend appointment. Sessions run between 10am to 8pm, Monday to Friday for Face to Face and Home Visits counselling and 24 hours a day for Telephone and our Online services. Our 24 hour services will need to be pre-booked however during the above hours – this also applies to any administration queries. We offer set fees regardless of times, inclusive of any additional charges and costs incurred for Paypal etc. Plus, the freedom to choose which type of session works for you, be it Online, Telephone, Email, Face to Face or Home Visits.

As mentioned, our Counsellors are non judgemental and have respect for difference and diversity, regarding ethnicity, religious beliefs, social background/status and sexual orientation.

For further queries please download our Frequently Asked Questions list here. We endeavour to answer enquiries as fully as possible, however if you cannot find the answers needed on the site then please do feel free to contact us at info@unitycounsellingservice.co.uk or by telephone 0208 299 1787.