Email Counselling

mail-512Our Emailing service is another easy to use outlet. With this option, you have the flexibility to receive the support you need via an email.

Sometimes, the very action of putting your feelings on paper or in print can have a cathartic impact and serve to aid in clarifying thoughts and feelings.

Modern day technological communication has made connecting with others very easy, with even most mobile phones having an email function available.

At UCS, the service is based on a one issue, one reply foundation. It may be suitable for those who have difficulty accessing the service in other ways due to personal circumstance and/or prefer this type of communication.

By outlining your issue in no more than 900 words and submitting this to us via our secure  address one of our Counsellors will respond relative to your specific concerns. Please note, if your query exceeds the 900 word limitation, you will need to purchase additional credits.

500 Word Email Support

1000 Words Email Support

As mentioned previously, this is based on one issue and one response and is subject to agreement with our Terms and Conditions plus submission of payment beforehand. Please note your payment infers compliance and agreement with these.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your response to your concerns to arrive. All prices quoted are inclusive of Paypal charges.

This service may also be utilised as many times as you feel is necessary. All information provided by you in relation to the email consulting service is confidential to Unity Counselling Service, including whether you are or have been a UCS client. See Terms for further details.