Home Visit Counselling

homevisitsOur outreach Home Visit service is there for those who may be housebound, due to a physical or medical disability, those with children, the elderly and anyone preferring this type of counselling.

It is with respect to the very diverse and often specific personal circumstances individuals face that this option has been tailored.

We believe that based on our varied living experiences, in certain instances, clients may consequently be left feeling ostracised and isolated from the services that may potentially aid in supporting them.

One of our Counsellors will visit you in your home at an agreed time and remain there with you for a duration of 50 minutes to carry out the counselling session.  This aspect of our service and all Home Visit appointments are specific to hours between Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm, currently.

See our Block Booking page for up to 20% discount, available when either three or six sessions are bought at once.

As with our other services agreement with our Terms and Conditions is necessary and your payment infers compliance and agreement with these. Subsequently, someone will discreetly call and briefly assess your situation to enable us to match a suitable Counsellor to visit with you at your address.


Cost: £45.00p

Please note that your Counsellor will advise that any cancellation of appointments, or notice of non attendance will need to be done at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment.

We will do our best to reschedule in this instance by offering alternate dates/times up to your next appointment.  However, should fail to give notice of a cancellation, or accept alternatives offered, this will result in the full amount becoming payable.

All bookings are non-refundable and must be used within 28 days of payment.