24 Hour Online Counselling

emailOur Online service now makes it possible to access counselling from wherever you choose 24 hours a day, Monday to Saturday. The service is easy to use and as long as you have a computer with a Webcam facility and Skype account available to you, benefiting from a counselling session in this way couldn’t be simpler.

As well as allowing you the freedom to decide where you want your session to take place, this option will enable you to virtually come into contact with a counsellor online. Once you have pre-arranged a convenient time for your session to take place, a counsellor will login in as specified with username details given and remain online with you for a duration of 50 minutes.

You will also have the added benefit of instant messaging responses if needed, whereby you can view all communications and refer to aspects if needed once your session is finished.

When you have decided that you want to proceed with our Online counselling, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully as your payment infers compliance and agreement with these.

Use the Buy Now Paypal link to pay for the service and fill out our contact form below, stating the service you require, what time is best to contact you and in which manner – email or telephone. We will then contact you on the details given to assess your circumstances briefly, arrange a time for your session to take place and subsequently, assign a suitable counsellor to you.

If it is more convenient to your situation for us to email you regarding assessment details, please make us aware of this at email@unitycounsellingservice.co.uk once payment has been made. All prices quoted are inclusive of Paypal charges.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are having Face to Face sessions, then this service may be used as an accompaniment, where there is an emergency and as pre-agreed by you and your Counsellor.

See our Block Booking page for up to 20% discount, available when either three or six sessions are bought at once.

All bookings are non-refundable and must be used within 28 days of payment.


Cost: £28.00p

Please note that your Counsellor will advise that any cancellation of appointments will need to be done at least 48 hours in advance of your pre-scheduled appointments.

We will do our best to reschedule in this instance by offering alternate dates/times up to your next appointment.  However, should fail to give notice of a cancellation, or accept alternatives offered, this will result in the full amount becoming payable.

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